Vastu Tips for main door in Villa

Vastu Tips for main door

We cannot neglect the importance of our main Door at homes! Main door of your home sweet home is the face of our family. It showcases our culture, beliefs and thoughts.

But, when it comes to Vastu Shastra, the importance of main door is huge. It is not only the entry point of entrance but also the entry point for positive energies. It is the place through which bliss enters our home and that is the reason we lit lamps at our doors during festivals, mostly during Diwali.

It is auspicious to have main door in the north, east, north-east or west. If your main door is in the south-east direction then it can be corrected by using a copper helix.

If the door is in the north-west then it can be corrected by using a brass helix and a brass pyramid.  If the door is in the south –west or south, you can nullify the doshas (Vastu Defect) by using lead helix and lead metal pyramid.

You main door should have adequate light as it attract positive energy. Please avoid keeping broken stools, broken chairs and dustbins near your main door. You should never place a mirror opposite to main entrance that reflects the main door because it will let the energy bounce back and that is harmful for your family as per Vastu Shashtra.

The main door should open in a clockwise manner and it should be larger than all the doors in your house. You should design Rangolis on the floor and you can also light an earthen lamp at the corners of your door. Do not forget to decorate you main door with divine symbols such as Cross, Om, Allah or Swastika. These Vastu solutions invite bliss and happiness to your home and are considered very auspicious.

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